Weekly Tournament & Championship

Basic Rules
Participants who have our NFT will be able to participate in our weekly tournaments and championships.
New Format-All or Nothing
Every contestant will begin with a score of 100. They will be able to freely match a new challenger and play a best-of-three game winning by stealing the score of the others. For example, if two contestants have identical 100 scores, the winner gets everything, and the loser gets nothing. However, if one has a 500 score and the other has a 300 score, the winner takes the highest score of 300.
Climbing to the top
During the time limit, contestants must win as many games as possible to advance in the rankings. The ranking will be updated in real-time. If the same score exists, a more significant number of games will be given priority, followed by a shorter time to the score.
Winning streak
Your winning score will be multiply by a coefficient when series win occurs.
3-Consecutive winning *1.3
4-Consecutive winning *1.5
5-Consecutive winning *1.7
6-Consecutive winning *1.9
7-Infinity Consecutive winning *2
Re-buy Mechanism
In the case of a points race, contestants could freely re-enter if they were unlucky. However, the re-buy limit is 2000 points in a single transaction, and they must pay 0.5 USDT for each score. Every time a re-buy occurs, 70% of the money is added to the total prize pool. All contestants can see their ranking and real prize money in real-time.
#Rare NFT will receive one complimentary re-buy, while Mythical NFT will receive two complimentary re-buys.
Weekly tournament
Size: 1000 NFT holders.
Time: Weekly.
Prize: guarantee a minimum prize of 50000 USDT + the money of re-buy.
Charge for weekly tournament
First round & second round: free of charge.
Starting from third: 50 USDT.
Size: 10000 NFT holders.
Time: Irregular.
Prize: guarantee a minimum prize of 500000 USDT + the money of re-buy.
#The prize and size might be adjusted according to the actual sales of limited boxes of NFT.
​Charge for Championship
First round & second round: free of charge
Starting from third: 50 USDT
Exemplification of a Total prizes:​
1 place
2 place
3 place
4-10 place
11-30 place
31-100 place
Note: From 4th to 100th place, players will split the total prize. For example, from place 4 to 10, 15% of total prizes will be equally distributed among the 7 players.