Long Term - Short Term

Roshambo offers numerous ways to win in its various events, games, tournaments, and other products. With this concept, Roshambo wants to show users that the platform's dynamism will allow both newcomers to the world of web3 and seasoned players to see that winning in Roshambo is very simple, from playing to a simple invitation to a friend will allow you to produce your earnings.
Roshambo is dedicated to the entire BSC, web3, and gameFi communities, ensuring you multiple ways to have fun and win while keeping in mind Roshambo's goal of creating a high-quality web platform.
There are numerous ways to earn money on Roshambo. To begin, if you are a short-termist who enjoys the fast-in and fast-out, you should consider becoming a player. Alternatively, if you are a long-termist who enjoys the long-term benefit, it is strongly advised that you put your money into a pool.