Vision and Mission


Roshambo was established in 2021 when the founders saw an opportunity within the web3 gaming space, identifying and promising to remove barriers to entry for casual players to drive adoption.
It has been a long and exciting journey to get to where Roshambo is today. We are thrilled to develop products that bring "joy" to the faces of our users all over the world.
‌Interactive entertainment can be more than just a means of passing the time. We can create a society that monetizes entertainment in an acceptable and beloved format using web3 games and the Play-To-Earn model.
Roshambo's games are now possible thanks to blockchain and web3 technology development. With its decentralized security and freedom, blockchain can help traditional games do previously impossible things by enabling peer-to-peer transactions of valuable assets without needing a governing body. ‌‌


Roshambo has pledged to create a high-quality Web3 GameFi platform in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We can have fast speed, high efficiency, and user-friendliness in this ecosystem; with Binance's strong support and blockchain technology, we can ensure one of the critical points these days, security and transparency. The team enjoys the games and the various interactions between players and the platform; another essential mission is to develop all traditional games in web3. As a result, we will continue to launch games to provide our community with an interactive web3 gameFi platform that is vibrant and offers numerous ways to earn.