Bet Mining
When players against pool (bet USDC/USDT/SOL only), they will get the token regardless win, lost or draw. Approximately one token will have been mining the instant one USDC/USDT has betted, and it will be distributed to the players proportionally on the next day. Therefore, a total number of 500 million token will have been mined when a total number of 500 million USDC/USDT is bet. After that, no more token will be rewarded.
Only NFTs holders can participant in bet mining.
The formula below calculating the daily token rewards:
The next day BZG rewards = ((A/B)*C)*(D/A)
A represents today’s total quantity
B represents today’s BZG price
C is slippage (volatile)
D represents the amount of player 1 had betted
Note: First half of BZG rewarded will be locked for 10 days, and the rest half will be released at a rate of 2% daily.