PVP mode (player against player)
This mode will be open to all players, and the game will begin once the bet is mutually agreed upon. Furthermore, players can consume the USDC/USDT or the token for the game bet. Only after the player had lost his bet had the other player won the entire pot.
The upper limits within one game:
Bet not exceeding:
50USDC per game
50USDT per game
50BZG per game
PVE mode (player against pool)
This mode will also be freely available to players. This mode allows players to enjoy higher upper limits.
betting not exceeding:
200USDC per game
200USDT per game
200BZG per game
Furthermore, bets placed by players against the pool, whether won, lost, or drawn, will be considered bet mining, with tokens awarded to the winners.
The #RoshamboTeam will take a 5% commission from winning players.
Note: Once participants’ bet attained the certain amount, a lottery will be granted as rewards. Details for activities will be updated soon.