Everyone can be banker!
The most intriguing aspect is that once users tire of being players, they will be strongly encouraged to join the banker's pool to share profit from the pool, meaning users can choose to be both players and bankers. The rate of return will vary depending on the number of games played by players against the pool. For example, if the banker's pool wins 10,000 USDC/USDT from players, banker's pool participants will be rewarded proportionally to the amount of USDC/USDT they put in. Indeed, it should be aware that sharing profits entails taking risks, which means the pool may lose money during this period.
Users will be able to withdraw all of their money, including profits, from the pool as soon as they are satisfied. In other words, the money for the pool will be raised from the users as well, ensuring the overall fairness of the game.
It’s all your choice to stand with players or banker side!
Note: If the situation pool lost all the money and shortage occurs, Roshambo Team would be responsible for all winning players.
Management Fee
In comparison to players, bankers will not be charged a commission when they win from players. Instead, when users decide to redeem their proportion, they will be charged a 3% management fee.
For example, if $10,000 USDC is put into the pool and then $10,000 USDC is taken out, a 3% management fee (450U) will be charged.