We are now presenting a classic game: Rock Paper Scissors (ROSHAMBO), which is simple and popular all over the world. Participants can instantly play this game against people from all over the world by using our platform. This game is supported by massive amounts of public blockchain, and it is poised to become the most popular decentralized game, welcoming everyone to participate.
The game will be pretty simple; once you enter the platform and decide to play against the pool or another player a round of rock, paper, or scissors, the system will place you in a queue to select your opponent.
The game begins after you choose your opponent, and you will see the three options for your opponent on the interface. You have a 33% chance of winning each round if you win the best of three games.
Roshambo ecosystem is designed for any player, from the most casual to the most serious gamer, thanks to this simple way of interacting on the platform. Who hasn't had a good time playing rock, paper, scissors with friends? It's time to reminisce about those good times.